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How We Protect Your FNB Check Card

Recent increases in fraudulent check card transactions have had an impact on Oklahoma banks and their customers. First National Bank of Stigler has invested in preventative measures to minimize exposure and protect your money.

Fraud Center

One of these measures is Fraud Center. Our experienced Fraud Center analysts work around the clock, watching for any suspicious check card activity. They will contact you immediately if they suspect fraud on your card. So if you ever get a call from our Fraud Prevention Services team, know that our watchdogs are doing their job to prevent potential fraudulent use of your card.

We take the security of your hard-earned money very seriously. We are pleased to provide FraudWatch Plus at no cost to you. No enrollment is needed - your FNB check card is automatically protected by Fraud Center.

Before You Travel

To minimize inconvenience, please notify us about your travel plans, especially international destinations, if you plan to use your check card. Provide the dates and destinations of your travel by calling (918) 967-4665 so we can further assist you while you are away.

Fraudulent Activity

Another preventative measure has been to block certain merchants and states.  We also limit certain types of transactions which are currently experiencing high levels of fraud. The blocks change continually, so please call 918-967-4665 if you have any questions.


Need Help?

If you experience problems using your check card, we suggest you try to withdraw cash at a nearby ATM.

If your check card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately. During business hours, call (918) 967-4665. After normal business hours, call (866) 546-8273.

Please feel free to contact a First National Bank of Stigler customer service representative at 918-967-4665 or by email at if you have any questions.