Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

An Individual Retirement Account that allows individuals to save and invest for retirement


  • $500.00 minimum deposit to open
  • $100.00 minimum periodic deposits


  • Pays a very competitive rate
  • Tax deferred savings* 
  • Free Mobile Banking

*You should consult a qualified tax professional in regards to tax deferred savings and your specific circumstance

Certificate of Deposit (CD) 

CDs are a great way to earn interest on your money. There are many different rates and maturities to choose from.


  • Minimum opening balance starting at $1,000.00
  • No additional deposits, with the exception of the 24 month option CD which allows a $1,000 minimum deposit once per month
  • No withdrawals without penalty from account until maturity
  • 91 day, 6 month , and 12 month CD’s require a $2,500 minimum opening balance


  • Interest bearing account
  • Money is secure
  • Free Mobile Banking

Early Withdrawal Penalties will apply for all IRA and certificate of deposit products offered.