Say goodbye to swiping!


You can now add your Firstar Bank debit card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Wallet!

With your Digital Wallet, you can make contactless payments with any Firstar Bank debit card. Plus, shopping online or in-app is even simpler… no need to type in your card number. 

You can store your debit card safely on Digital Wallet. Your card number is never displayed on screen, and your information is completely encrypted when you make a payment. So whether you are paying in-store, online, or in-app, your information is protected!



Why you should set up your digital wallet today

Reduce fraud


  • Your actual card number is not stored in your digital wallet and never  used when you make a purchase

  • A separate token account number is assigned when you load your credentials to the wallet

  • Transaction information is encrypted for secure shopping

  • Payment codes are unique to every transaction, so they can’t be reused by a fraudster for another purchase

  • Your digital wallet is protected by your mobile device’s security settings, so only you can unlock it with your biometrics and passcodes 

Save time

  • Most purchases take just seconds to complete

  • Just hold your mobile device over the payment terminal at the store — checkout is a breeze

  • Pay in an instant when you shop online — simply choose your Firstar Bank debit card from your digital wallet

  • You can also make quick in-app purchases with your digital wallet

  • Your digital wallet pulls in your credentials automatically — so you don’t have to look for your card or type in your information 

Make contactless payments

  • You can make a safe, touch-free transaction with your cards

  • There’s no need to present a physical card when you’re shopping in person

  • Simply hold your mobile device over the payment terminal and you’re done