Firstar Bank offers Instant Issue Debit CardsCome in and get yours today!  

Show Your Pride!

You can Show Your Pride with our NEW school spirit debit cards! You can support your local school when you make purchases, while also providing funds to the school you selected! Every school spirit card purchased for $10.00 will provide a one-time contribution to the selected school for discretionary use. Click the "instant issue debit cards" link above to view our school spirit cards that we offer. Come in and get yours today!

New designs for debit cards!

Check out our Instant Issue Debit Cards link above to see our NEW designs. Come in and get yours today!

When you get your new debit card, be sure to:

  • Activate your card by calling 1-888-891-2435 to set a PIN on your debit card.
  • Use your card at any ATM or point of sale and use your PIN the first time.
  • Provide your new card information to any merchants that automatically bill your old card.

Click here to learn how to use your chip card at any point of sale.

Lean how to use your debit card at an ATM by clicking here.


If your check card has been lost or stolen:

Please contact us immediately. During business hours, call (918) 967-4665. After normal business hours, call 1-888-297-3416.

Our Debit Card service includes the added feature of Fraud Alerts, at no cost to our customers.

In our continued efforts to keep your accounts secure, we’ve improved our alert system for potential fraud. When potential fraud is detected, you will receive automatic emails, texts or phone calls to assist in detecting fraudulent activity. If you need to contact the Fraud Center, please contact us at 918.967.4665 and we will assist you in getting connected.


If you experience problems using your check card, we suggest you try to withdraw cash at a nearby ATM. 

Please feel free to contact a Firstar Bank customer service representative at (918)-967-4665 or by email at  if you have any questions.

MasterCard Controls

Have an Online Banking account? Mobile App?

Did you know you can turn your card off on your Online Banking account or Mobile App?  It’s simple!

On your Online Banking account, click Settings at the top. Click ATM/Debit Card and check the Lost/Stolen button then click Submit. Your card will automatically be shut off.  You can call us at 918-967-4665 or come in to see us at New Accounts for a new debit card.

On your Mobile App, touch the 3 bars on the top left hand corner, go to Preferences and select Manage Cards.  From there you can click on your card and chose to turn your card off temporarily by selecting Suspend Card, or Report it Lost or Stolen to get it shut off and get a new one.  If you chose to suspend card, we are able to turn it back on for you when you are ready for it to be turned back on. Just give us a call at 918-967-4465 to to get your card turned back on if you suspend your card.